1. Perspective Analysis of Small Community Capital Accumulation (Pascca): A Model For Diagnosing Local Impact of Agricultural Changes, White Applications To West Java Rice Villages

2. Exchange Rates and Asset Subtitutions In The Indonesia Monetary Sector

3. Relative Performance Evaluation: The Effects of Contract Type and Feedback on Agent Efford and Agent Risk Selection

4. Managers Adverse Selection in Resource Allocation: The Agency Theory Revisited

5. Equity and Equity Sensitivity In Predicting The Performance of Some Organizational Citizenship and In-Role Behaviors

6. Transtitioning From Standard Based Cost Accounting Procedures To Quality Based Cost Accounting Procedures

7. The Implications of  Accounting Information In the Thai Capital Market

8. The Impact of Exogenous Factors Upon Systematic Risk: An Analysis

9. The Relattionship Between the Internet Financial Message Boards and the Behavior of the Stock Market

10. Slack and Performance in Group Participative Budgeting: the Effects of Individual and Group Performance Feedback and Risk Interdependence

11. The Effect of Competitive Strategy on Strategic Information Systems Empirical Evidence From the World Wide Web

12. Institutional Ownership, CEO Incentives, and Firm Value

13. Discretionary Charges, Board of Direct Composition, and Audit Quality

14. An Inquiry Into the Effects of Audit Staff Regulating Mechanisms on Auditor Task Related Processing in A Risk Assessment Decision

15. The Impact of Changes In Selected Evidence Characteristics on Auditor Judgment

16. The Impact of Accounting Conservatism on the Differental Information Content of Cash Flows and Accruals

17. An Empirical Examination of the Association Between Bussiness Strategy and Earning Management

18. Disclosure and Earnings Management By Seasoned Equity Offering Firms

19. The Balanced Scorecard: An Empirical Analysis of Its Effect on Managers’ Job Satisfaction and Performance Evaluations

20. An Empirical Investigation of the Impact of Environment on Individual Ethical Analysis By Corporate Accountants and Human Resources Managers

21. Essays On Economics Development and Growth

22. A Correlational Study of Corporate Social Responsibility and Financial Performance and Empirical Survey Toward Ethical Business Practices In Indonesia

23. Organizational Commitment, Attitudes Toward Information, and the Use of Formal and Informal Information in Evaluating the Performance of Subordinates